May 2010

Integrative Oncology and the Miraculous Dr. Wang

Dr. Wang, Fuda has dedicated his life helping cancer patients and specializing in the treatment of tumors. He is probably the only acupuncturist in the world with such extensive experience treating cancer and related complications. As a 40 year veteran acupuncturist, he typically treats 50-80 patients a day six days a week. This tremendous amount of clinical experience has enabled him to develop a unique system of electroacupuncture that uses electrical input and grounding to circulate energy through the body's acupuncture channels. With this technique he is able to get excellent therapeutic results - beyond the capabilities of traditional methods.

Dr. Fuda asserts that his electroacupuncture method restores patients' weakened immune function and strengthens their internal organs. Using his method alone, without the assistance of herbal medicines, his clinical results are nothing short of miraculous. His patients are able to cope with the severe side-effects chemotherapy, and have a better chance of long term survival. Amazingly, a group of his patients have formed a "survivors" club, after outliving the death sentences handed to them by their primary physicians. Often times they come to him after suffering through the conventional treatment regimen, only to have the cancer return a year or two later. In other instances they seek out Dr. Fuda after they have exhausted all other medical options.

According to Dr. Wang large tumors should be surgically removed, and the patient should then begin a daily acupuncture treatment regimen to prevent recurrence. In some cases where tumors are very small or visible from the surface, Dr. Wang is able to eradicate them without any other medical intervention. Although it is highly unlikely that acupuncture will ever be considered or even tested as a viable alternative to conventional treatment (and I am not suggesting it should), acupuncture should definitely be taken seriously as a valuable integrative therapy and acupuncturists should be on staff at every major hospital across the U.S..

During a recent visit to Dr. Wang's clinic in Taiwan, I had the opportunity to listen to the pulses of several cancer patients. Pulse diagnosis is a method of feeling various qualities and energetics of the pulse in order to determine state of the patient's internal energy and nature of their disease. Interestingly, I found that all the patients undergoing chemotherapy had very thin, deep, and weak pulses indicative of extreme depletion. With this presentation, Shi Quan Da Bu Tang (Ten All Inclusive Tonifying Formula) is a very effective herbal formula for building up the patient's "upright" energy (zhen qi). Recent studies show that this formula exhibits immune enhancing, anti tumor effects, and it is a commonly prescribed formula for this purpose. Although Dr. Wang does not use herbal medicines, his acupuncture treatment strategy is similar, namely to support the "upright" energy of the body.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine should only be considered as integrative care, and by no means an alternative to conventional treatment. Integrative therapies like acupuncture can minimize the devastating effects of conventional cancer treatments and bring them a big step closer to conforming to the principle Primum non nocere "first do no harm".

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