Meet the Acupuncturist

Steven Vasilakis L. Ac, Dipl. Ac.

Hi, I'm a licensed acupuncturist, and nationally board certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). I graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in 2008 and am licensed in the state of Illinois. My journey in Oriental Medicine began in 1985 when he had the good fortune of meeting and studying under one of the world's leading authorities on Taiji and Taoism, Master Waysun Liao. Although my initial attraction to Taiji stemmed from interest in martial arts, I realized that the spiritual and healing aspects of these systems were most profound. This prompted me to study Daoist philosophy, spirituality, and medical theory, and eventually led to a career in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In 1998, I became a full-time student and assistant to Master Liao and dedicated much of his time to understanding the subtleties of Qi cultivation. In 2002, Master Liao requested that I share his expertise to benefit others. At that time, I began teaching at the Taichi Tao Center in Oak Park, IL and the Chinese Cultural Center in Westmont, IL. As a teacher for several years, my skills in the area of Taiji flourished. In 2006 I was given an award of excellence for my performance of the 37-form (popularized by the late master Cheng Man-Ching) at the First Taiji World Cup Championships in Taipei, Taiwan. In 2010, I was granted Steven with a Master level instructor's certificate by Master Waysun Liao.

2006 China Times article featuring Steven's apprenticeship in Dr. Fuda's clinic in Taiwan.
My first exposure to acupuncture was in 1997, when Master Liao introduced me to Dr. Wang, Fuda during a trip to Taiwan. Dr. Wang's unique electro-acupuncture methods have shown astounding results in treating stubborn illnesses and are especially effective in helping cancer patients not only cope with the side effects of chemotherapy, but also regain their strength and vitality. Fascinated by this modern day miracle worker, I traveled to Taiwan on several occasions over the past decade to observe and study under Dr. Wang. In February of 2008, Dr. Wang awarded me an official certificate of competency in the practice of his methods.

Currently I seriously study and practice Tung style acupuncture under the tutelage of one of Master Tung's direct disciples; Dr. Wang Chuan-Min. On May 4, 2012, Dr. Wang Chuan-Min accepted me into the Tung lineage as his 4th disciple.

My destiny and duty is to promote the traditional healing arts I have been taught. My main goal is to help people restore their health and teach methods and practices that promote wellness. I beleive that helping people achieve the smooth and harmonious flow of Qi (life energy) is the way to optimal health and longevity. Some of the conditions I treat include sports injuries, pain disorders, infertility, digestion problems, fatigue, stress, allergies, and more.